About Us

Established in 2008, Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) is a non-profit organisation with a common interest in developing and promoting poker catering specifically to deaf and hard-of-hearing players.  As the game’s de facto governing body in the Australian Deaf community, DPA collaborates with Deaf poker organisations in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

DPA has also assisted in the development of Deaf poker in New Zealand and since 2011, has worked closely with major casinos on both sides of the Tasman, including the Adelaide Casino, Treasury Hotel & Casino (Brisbane), The Star (Sydney), Crown Perth, SKYCITY Auckland and Crown Melbourne.

The unique feature of all DPA live tournaments is the ability for players to communicate in Auslan (Australian Sign Language), as well as English, at the tables.  Each state hosts their own series of regular home games and provincial championship tournaments throughout the year, however our marquee national event is the DPA Championship.

Deaf Poker Australia is also one of seven founding member organisations of the International Deaf Poker Federation (IDPF), having led a campaign to establish the IDPF World Championship with our partners from New Zealand, USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Sweden.  For more information, check out the IDPF Facebook page.


As well as being chosen for its fresh, dynamic and modern design, DPA’s logo also reflects our mission statement and core values.

The diamond in the ‘D’ stands for DEVELOPMENT and the ongoing commitment that DPA has to spreading the game of poker throughout the Australian Deaf community, via its network of home games, online and live tournaments, culminating in our marquee national event, the DPA Championship.

The club found in the ‘P’ represents our COMMUNITY and the DPA’s aspiration to not only strengthen the bond between its own players and other members of the Deaf community (both at home and abroad), but to also break down social barriers and unite Deaf and hearing communities through a common interest.

The spade within the ‘A’ highlights our AMBITION. The DPA prides itself on giving Deaf people the courage to step up to the challenge in a safe, social and competitive environment, whilst nurturing and supporting the burgeoning talent pool of players who have consistently yielded results both within and outside our events.

One will notice, however, that the heart is the only suit that is not represented in our logo. The ‘heart’ of the DPA lies within everyone that is, or has ever been, involved with us. It is also shown through the love and RESPECT that all involved have not only for each other, but for the game of poker.


While poker is recognised the world over as a game of skill, by law, it is still classified as a form of gambling.  DPA constantly strives to provide a safe and secure environment to all participants and adhere to Responsible Gaming regulations.  For more information, please visit the Australasian Gaming Council website.